ONTRACKEQUINE can be used by equine clinicians (veterinarians, farriers, physiotherapists), educators (equine science lecturers/students, veterinary and farriery training) and trainers (equine sports performance). Owners and riders can benefit from the Lite version.

The ONTRACKEQUINE help file contains more information about all the functions mentioned below together with screen shots. The help file can be downloaded here.

For veterinary, farriery work:

With the advent of affordable digital recording devices such as cameras and camcorders,
the equine industry has developed a real need for a practical way to review, document and report this information. Now, with increased digital technology such as; radiograph, ultra-sound, scintigraphy, MRI, and thermography, these too have joined our productive digital world. ONTRACKEQUINE has the ability to take this important information and organize it into a practical easy to use program.

The new image adjust options clearly help when analysing x-rays

ONTRACKEQUINE documents information from; everyday exams, diagnosis, or treatments and establishes a practitioner protected permanent record, easily presented to the public, client or consulting professional. ONTRACKEQUINE has become an obvious advantage in the equine industry by having the ability to transmit clinical information via the internet, and/or the ability to publish this information in a clearly printed, professional report.

This capability assures that a visual documentation; combined with the written and verbal expressions are without compromise, and can be used for referencing, reporting, and legal support.
Securing the decisions made from everyday responsibilities such as: pre-purchases, lameness exams, or consulting; as well as being able to specifically prescribe treatments or shoeing options, document research, archive surgery, evaluate or compare products, or monitor injuries are just some of the indisputable advantages ONTRACKEQUINE bestows.

I use ONTRACKEQUINE almost everyday in order to show my clients any gait abnormality that the practitioner may have had difficulty picking up with a conventional exam. It also becomes a great communication tool and allows all the information to be easily transferred to a colleague for referral.Philippe BENOIT, DVM, MS

Digital images are commonplace nowadays and can be fully utilised with ONTRACKEQUINE. It is likely that you have a number of pictures already stored on your computer. Now these can stored effectively using the database. You can collate all necessary media (videos, digital still images, x rays, thermographs etc) that pertain to a particular analysis/treatment/procedure. No need to search different folders/drives in order to locate your files. Everything is stored under the titles of LOCATION: CLIENT: HORSE: SESSION.

Still images can be loaded to the main screen and fully analyzed (including overlay, see The Program section) using the analysis tools.

ONTRACKEQUINE has three special tools for assessing the hoof 1) T-square, for alignment and taking measurements from the base of the foot, 2) Star tool, for evaluating hoof balance and 3) graph tool for profiling the coronary band.

Hoof Graph tool
Star Tool

After analysing, ONTRACKEQUINE can quickly create a professional report of your findings or produce a copy of the movies and pictures together with the free ONTRACK viewer software to give to your clients. Finally, ONTRACK can be customized for your business to include your professional profile, logo and disclaimer.

I have been using equine gait analysis in my practice since 2004. Unlike other systems, ONTRACKEQUINE is very affordable. It has outstanding measurement tools, is user friendly and has an excellent file system. Without hesitation, I would recommend ONTRACKEQUINE Software. Bob Pethick CJF Member, International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame

For Physiotherapy, Chiropractic applications:

ONTRACKEQUINE can be used to log and record the effects exercise therapy/manipulation. The tracking tool can be used to trace the shape of the withers, back, and croup and then viewed in isolation.

The angle measurement tools are ideal for conformation analysis as they simultaneously measure both joint angle and segment length.

Also the T-square tool can be used to assess alignment.

For teaching:

The structure of ONTRACKEQUINE software readily adapts to its use in equine science, farriery and veterinary education. The use of video along with measurement tools allows the user to train his/her eye more effectively to look for or at specific situations or conditions. The database function within ONTRACKEQUINE organizes the way video and image files are stored and retrieved, allowing for files to be put into categories. This helps from a learning perspective as students can focus on specific equine movements.
ONTRACKEQUINE has been a fantastic teaching aid it can be used in a variety of learning environments from the classroom to the menage. It has inspired the learners and bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. - Zoe Unwin - Rodbaston College

A form is associated with each file where the student can make notes on what they see there and then without having to exit from the software. Images can be saved from the video clips and included in the form to further explain their findings. For the equine teacher, sample projects can be created containing video and images files, together with completed forms. These can be derived from actual case studies. Students can be asked to make their own findings, capture sample images and print off a report ready for assessment.

The software can be part of an online equine learning course thus allowing the students to undertake their own video analysis projects. The reports can then be emailed for assessment. Students can install the software on their own computers and simply book out a dongle for project work.

ONTRACKEQUINE is a very effective educational tool for looking at equine movement and to assess hoof balance in horses.Mitch Taylor CJF – Director, Kentucky Horseshoeing School

For horse and/or rider training:

Is your position correct? Are you sitting straight? Are you hands level? Has the horse's stride length increased? Are the fore limbs fully extending? All these issues can be tackled with the aid of ONTRACKEQUINE.

"If the rider can arrange to have a video of the lessons this will be an advantage. Videos are a tremendous bonus and are becoming popular as a teaching aid. Being able to watch the lesson at home, slowing down and replaying the video at relevant parts, helps the rider to understand what is happening. Through this teaching aid the rider can also learn positive self criticism, an essential part of advancement. The first step to improvement is recognising faults and then learning to correct them".

(Taken from Stage two riding and stable management by Hazel Reed BHSAI).

The database allows for actual training sessions to be documented. The location can be the training venue, the client will be the rider, the horse will be the horse being trained and the session can describe exactly the objective of the session.

A series of video clips and images can then captured and analyzed from the training session. For the next session, just add a New Session to the database and then new clips can be captured and compared to previous sessions. Feedback can be entered on the forms which can be printed out and handed straight to the rider/owner so improving your status as a trainer.

The export data feature together with the free ONTRACKEQUINE viewer software means that your riders/owners can view their performances from the day at their own leisure together with your comments.